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Our expert team in Ottawa specializes in designing site specific fire safety plans, disaster plans and violence prevention plans.


Fire Plan Strategies Ottawa

Fire Plan Strategies is 100% Canadian owned and operated with locations across Canada including a location in Ottawa, Ontario. We provide fire safety plans and emergency planning to Ottawa businesses and organizations of any size, in any industry. Our trained, experienced, and certified team of experts can assist you with the creation of a legally-required fire safety plan, response protocol for natural disasters and accidents. We also offer specialized training for industry-unique emergency scenarios. At Fire Plan Strategies we take your safety seriously.

Services We Offer

• Fire Safety Plans

We proudly offer customized Fire Safety Plans for buildings or structures of any size. We guarantee approval through partnerships with local officials. Learn More


• Fire Safety Training

We offer customized high quality essential training related to fire warden duties and education, fire drill facilitation, and fire extinguisher usage. Learn More


• Emergency Procedure Signage

We produce Emergency Procedure Signage that fit any size, content, or design requirements. Learn More


• Clothing and Equipment

We retail and sell safety products, custom designed and produced to help with fire safety and emergency planning. Learn More


• Disaster Safety

Our Disaster Plans are tailor-made to the needs of your building and its occupants. Should a disaster occur, an expertly crafted plan reduces the risk of loss of life and property damage. Learn More


• Violence Scenario

Robust plans and customized training for bomb threats and suspicious packages, active shooter situations, or other violent scenarios. Learn More


• Construction Fire Safety Plans

Ensure the safety of your construction site with our expertly designed Construction Fire Plans, tailored to meet your specific needs. Discover more about Fire Plan Strategies today. Learn More



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Why Choose Us

Our Expert Team

Fire Safety Plans are created by NFPA-accredited Fire Inspectors. Training is designed by fire safety professionals and delivered by professional facilitators. Floor Plans are created by architectural technicians.


Guaranteed Building Code Compliance

We guarantee building code compliance in Ontario and approval through partnerships with local officials.

Capable To Take On Any Size Job

We offer services for Ottawa businesses large and small, including high-rises, hotels, secure government buildings, hospitals, airports, arenas, warehouses and more.


Faster Occupancy

We have built our team and designed our processes with efficiency as the top priority.

Our Services


Our job is to make buildings — and the people inside of them — safer.


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