Fire Drill Training

In order for the Fire and Life Safety Program to be effective, it is necessary that all supervisory staff within the building participate in a comprehensive training program. The program includes lectures and handouts and is followed up by a fire drill to reinforce the training. The fire drill will provide an opportunity to provide practical training of the emergency evacuation procedures and the use of the exit facilities for all building occupants.

Ideally fire drills should begin with practices on each floor or area.

On completion of each drill, all people delegated responsibility should attend a debriefing to report on their actions, the reactions of the occupants and observations with recommendations to improve the evacuation process.

Fire drills shall be held at intervals not greater than 12 months for the supervisory staff except that in day-care centres and in Group B major occupancies and residential care facilities, such drills shall be held at least once per month; in schools attended by children total evacuation fire drills shall be held at least 3 times in each of the fall and spring terms; in high rise buildings, such drills shall be held at intervals not greater than 2 months.

At times it may be necessary to hold additional fire drills outside the normal working hours for the benefit of employees on different shifts or unavailable at the scheduled times. Emergency response procedures may change with the level of staffing. All persons designated responsibilities in the fire plan must be aware of their duties.

A fire safety plan is of little value if it is not reviewed periodically so that all supervisory staff is familiar with their responsibilities. Records of Fire Drills and participants must be maintained in accordance with the Fire Code.

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